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Rack and Ruin



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Who is the only player in one of the "big four" sports (baseball, football, hockey, basketball) to have won the MVP award for his team's championship series (or championship game) before winning a Rookie Of The Year award?
  • (no subject) - getofftheoven
    • Patrick Roy never won the Calder. He also played a full season before his Conn Smythe trophy. (Answer is elsewhere in the thread now).
  • Ichiro (1996, 2001)
    • I should have said "in US sports leagues", but I actually don't see that Ichiro won the MVP of his teams "championship series". He was the regular-season MVP a few times, of course.

      (Answer is elsewhere in thread).
    • I had read that he was Japan Series MVP, but this seems to have been incorrect information. Oh well.
  • ken dryden - montreal canadians ?

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