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Quick test, please?

Quick test, please?

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Can someone with a cross-tables.com forum account, please try this test for me?

1) LOG OUT of the forums

2) Visit this page: http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=1

3) (Any errors? They will be obvious if present--giant error messages, etc.)

4) LOG IN to the forums

5) Visit the page (http://www.cross-tables.com/annotated.php?u=1) again and do a refresh.

6) (Any errors?)

I'm seeing no errors in three different browsers, but one user is reporting an error. If you encounter an error, please tell me if it was in step 3 or 6 and also the browser and version you're using.

  • No errors, Firefox 8.0.1 Mac OS X. :/ In what browser is the error?
    • Actually not sure, but the error appeared to be a server problem (mentioning specific PHP code). I just can't figure out what state the server was in to throw out the error I saw. The page is sensitive to your login state, but I can't think what there is besides "logged in" and "logged out". Hmmm.

  • It looks fine in Iceweasel 8.0, Konqueror 4.6.5, and Epiphany 3.0.4.
  • No errors in Firefox 8.0 or IE 9.0.3 on Win7, except if you count almost accidentally making IE my default browser.

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