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Rack and Ruin

Comments on annotated games

Comments on annotated games

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I added a discussion thread at the bottom of every self-uploaded annotated game. Please try it out, and here's Marlon's great recent game as a place to start:


Please let me know what you think. I'm using the "Disqus" commenting system which allows signins from Google, Facebook, Twitter, etc., etc.
  • very cool Seth. The only suggestion I had was to have the thread to the right, where the user comments are (perhaps below it) and/or split it by the different moves rather than globally.

    By the way I am thinking of making a quick bookmarklet that will allow a user to query Quackle for a particular move; maybe list the Championship Player's top choices. I have a computer with Linux at home not doing anything, and I figured out last night how to feed in a .gcg file into Quackle at any stage of completion and have it spit out top choices by Championship Player / 5-minute Championship Player, etc to stdout. (Basically, text-mode Quackle!) Or maybe you can add a button to the examiner that will let the user somehow communicate to my server and do this? I was thinking of using Python/Celery for the task. It can maybe auto-comment to Disqus with the top moves for a particular position (but then again it would make more sense if there was a thread per position). In any case let me know if you are interested in teaming up to do this...
  • cool new feature! i like it!
  • Excellent!
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